Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Its to cold, lets go fishing.

This morning, 2-22-2006, it was -12 degrees outside. I didn't have to work so i packed up my ice fishing gear and took off for New Lisbon to fish near the dam. This is what I caught in about 30 minutes. For the remander of my stay I caught nothing. -12 degrees is a large price to pay for 6 fish. Be Warm. and be excellent to each other.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Before the plunge.

Back when it was still warm, again I found a picture of my early days in Wisconsin. Went skateboarding at a park in Onalaska, just outside LaCrosse. This little guy has more guts then I do. Look at them they are wearing shorts and t-shirts, what happened its 32 below.

I don't know what to say

I meet this gentleman while shopping for a new mattress, and thought it wise to snap a photo before he left. I introduced myself and turns out his name is Jacob. I can only hope that more people I meet have the spontaneous reaction to a camera as he did. Vaguely reminds me of my Pa, I don't know maybe where related.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I have a heart for men stuck in the snow.

This picture brought back memorys of my dreaded 1989 GMC Jimmy s-15. I never got stuck in the snow but sand is almost as bad, I yanked him out of the snow with my Grandpas truck and the only thing I asked is return was to take his picture, he gratefully abliged.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

There's winners, and well there's losers.

Aaron is the winner of the goofy face contest, but with only one contestant who loses?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Before the snow barrage.

These guys where skeptical at first, but then I offered to buy them a pop and they agreed.
The things I do for a picture. I think the parks name was Jennings, Tomah Wisconsin.
September 30th, when it was still warm.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Jake Sadorf the 1st

Photoshop is a very efficient time waster.

Head Trauma

Those creeps tacked a $2500+ bill on me for that accident back in December. It hurts if you don't wear you seat belt, i would highly suggest it.

A couple of hoodlums

I pirated this pic from The Passing inevitable, but figured as good of a picture that it is, it deserves a reappearance on a blog. here ya go. Joe on the left, Leo, and yours truly on the right.
Kudos to the Privvy Tipper for a excellent photo.

Tobacco Bob

Hands up for this guy everyone. I meet this guy at The Smoke station near the skatepark in Onalaska. He called himself Tobacco Bob. He always has a wry grin on his face but he looks so astonished when people try to talk to him. I guess he's used to being invisible. He asked me for a smoke, so being the kind person I usually am I bought him a pack and took him to the Kwik Trip and bought him a decent meal. Not that I encourage smoking habits, but the guy looked like he could use a break, and who am I to tell him smoking sucks.

Friday, February 03, 2006

There is no better place.

I had a day off a few weeks ago and decided an adventure was in store. LaCrosse has two excellent music stores, Daves guitar shop, and Guitar Center. I have been to Daves many times and will always return, but there is no better place then Guitar Center. I almost died.


I shouldn't have done this to my cat but I couldn't help myself. This guy is much bigger now. This was when he was about a month or so old. He spends most of his day eating mice and jumping off the curtain rods onto passerbys. Serves him right for scrathcing my couch.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

That guy looks like me

These fine fellows inspired to make my own blog with the possiblity of a book being published in the future. If you have seen these men catch them, one of them stole my wallet and the other enjoys tipping over porta-jons.

Just me playin the blues.

Best picture of a thumb I have ever seen, not much to do when its 15 below outside, so A-ron and I play the blues. Hey turns out those comic books are worth 80 bucks a pop.

The Truth about those puppets.

Should I say anything?

Ghosts in LaCrosse, aka drunk college kids

This was my first picture taking, when I arrived in WI. Downtown LaCrosse 4th and Pearl.
Taken with a 35mil disposable believe it or not, no photoshop either.

Hail to the Privvy Tipper

In the Summer time Viola holds there anuall horse and colt show. Aaron and I went solely for the big truck competition and the girls.
But we found this duo and discovered what fun we could have that evening. You tell me what we did to them.

Kevin Phelps

I have seen plenty of strange and unique people in the wilds of Wisconsin, but this guy takes the cake for soe reason. This picture cost me a dollar, so please enjoy it.